You are distinctly a legato player, not much in the way of actual shredding just sweep picking, tapping and trills, still it was more musical than some I've seen.

Advice would be change positions more often, all the notes are in the same place so there is little variation, and perhaps work on your sweep transitions from up to down as they could be timed better, well, smoother.
looks good man - the sweeps are good but maybe work on your intonation and bends a bit more - give it more 'feel' when you slow down.

good stuff though!
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The fact that you did a Dragonball cover means you get my vote regardless. Sounds fantastic man. It's shreddy but still possesses that soul that so many people just don't have.

I will post the cover of dragon ball z short.
thanks to everyone for the compliments and advices to improve!! I've to improve the bendings intonation,i know D: