Hello all, this is my first post so be nice... haha

I have had the urge to build my own guitar for a while and I wanted a bit of advice really. Im no luthier so I wont be doing it from scratch, it will be a kit of some sort.

I have never built my own guitar, but I have played for about 15 years and I have spent a lot of time tinkering and playing about with guitars. I have done a fair amount of research on the processes of assembling and finishing a guitar and feel I am up to the task.

This brings me to where I stand now...

I have looked at all sorts of kits online ranging from the ebay specials to BYOGuitars to Warmoth and I still dont know what to do.

My fear is that if i buy a £2-300 kit from BYOGuitar will it actually play well and sound decent? I understand the electrics and hardware wont be that great, and I would be prepared to upgrade several components but dont want to buy it if the craftsmanship of the body and neck are crap.

This then led me on to looking at the warmoth custon bodys and necks. I can get exactly what I want down to the finest detail and I hear their stuff is top notch. But living in the UK incurs heafty shipping and duty costs, so by the time i have ordered a £750 (about $1200) body and neck, then paid the £200 or so postage and duty, and bought a set of EMG pickups I am already at about £1100, this is before even looking at tuners, bridges, finishing etc.

So this brings me back to the title of this thread really. By the time I have built, spec'd and finished my own guitar would I have been better off just buying something already built like the ESP Eclipse (which is the sort of thing I would want to build)

I know it will be personalised and be 'one of a kind' but will it play as well as the ESP or a Gibson LP?

sorry for the long post, I just wanted some opinions from people who have some experience with these kits.

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Playability is mostly in the neck, and warmoth will give you a much better standard in the neck and fret dressing than a production shop model. The BYOG ones are probably quite well done too. The warmoth parts overall are really good quality, and getting a guitar made up from them will easily top any of the high end name brand guitars, and you get exactly what you want.
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