I have a brother in his late 30's, who had a daughter with his partner (they're not married) a few months ago. His partner has a 5 year old already from a previous relationship, but she's taken to my brother as a real father.

3 weeks ago, they were fighting a lot - it doesn't matter what about - but communication was definitely an issu. They were on the verge of breaking up, but they decided to work through their problems, and try to be more open and communicative.

Here's the problem - Last Friday I went to the pub on a whim. There's my brother sat there, with some attractive blonde woman, looking very friendly. He came over and told me that I didn't see anything - Fine, but it's not like I'd have just ran and ratted him out anyway, he's my brother. He claims now that she's just a friend from work, but I know who he works for (they're a contract company for the company I work for), and I know she doesn't work there.

It's not unsurprising - he's seemed unhappy for a long time, but in that case, why try for a child, and why try and continue to make it work, if he's not really into the relationship?

I'm rambling, and probably not making much sense. Anyways, any advice, Pit? Any similar experiences? What did you do? How did it work out?
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Looking for serious relationship advice in the Pit.
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Honestly, I'd say it isn't your problem. It may seem quite harsh, but at the end of the day, it's your brother's responsability what he does with his penis.

I think you should just let him do what he wants. He'll probably soon learn that no one likes a philanderer.
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better put him on a leash or you'll be spending considerably more on new year/birthday/... presents in a few years...

jk.. why not just ask him what he's up to?
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I'm amazed you're asking this in the pit, to be honest..

But, in my opinion, you should just talk to him. At the moment you're only abstracting from what you've seen. There may be a lot that you haven't seen. If you don't ask him you'll never find out..
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Took me 4 read throughs to realize that by partner you didn't mean that your brother was a homosexual having a heterosexual affair.
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Took me 4 read throughs to realize that by partner you didn't mean that your brother was a homosexual having a heterosexual affair.

Oddly enough I did the same thing!
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You can't live your brothers life for him. Any involvement you have in this will not end well for you so just leave it be.
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Just go up to your brother tell him you're jealous he's cheating with a woman instead of with you.
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I think if you're brother loves his partner but other girls make him happy just let him be happy.
Who really cares if hes with other women.