Hey guys

Im considering buying an Ibanez K-7 sometime soon, i really like the guitar but i really dislike Korn, and i know its really picky but it would annoy the hell out of me to have the stupid logo on the 12th fret

Is there anything i could do to cover it? Its Mother of pear so i know it wont stain but can you guys think of anything?

Hmm. I don't really think there's a way to cover it and not make it look messed up. You could remove all the strings and go batshit insane with some acryclic paint that looks around the same colour as your fretboard I guess. It probably won't affect the strings once it dries, but I guess you should check with someone who actually knows this stuff first :S
Pretty much the only things you can do are A) have it replaced, which is prohibitively expensive, or B) cover it with omething, such as a sticker, which looks terrible.

Or you could just buy one of the many other 7-string guitars that exist. There is noting special about the K-7's spec other than it had no tone control and it had a u-bar around the bridge (which does effectively nothing). Not to mention it is of course out of production. Ibanez make many other 7-string models that match the same spec but without the inlay, not to mention similar guitars from ESP, Schecter, Washburn, Jackson, Mayones and so on.
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Very thin rosewood veneer in the same nuance as the board glued on between the 12th and 13th fret? Sounds like a pretty bad idea, though

Its going to be hard to cover, spanning multiple frets, but i'm sure theres something.
These stickers are easy to apply/remove, no lasting residue, cannot be caught by strings etc.
I used a set of birds on my explorer, they work great to cover ugly inlays.

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I suggest looking for another guitar you really like.
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I know there are many others but i have the chance to get one at a fraction of the price of even a used one thats in near perfect condition, and with the extra money id add a tonne of new hardware.

The idea about the thin veneer sounds like the best plan but its still a bit rocky, thanks for your suggestions though guys!
It is certainly possible to take the inlay out and then fill it but I'd get a professional to do it, or at least be confident that you know what you're doing.
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