I'm trying to take out one of my amp's preamp tubes and the little bastard is really stuck in there! It's such a small little glass thing that I don't want to yank on it as hard as I can because I don't want it shattering in my hands. Is there a trick to this, do I just have to pull harder, or is it stuck or something?
You can wiggle it a little in the socket. Perpendicular to the gap in the pins is preferable, if you can figure out where that is with the tube still in.
You're never going to shatter that tube unless you're some sort of government genetic experiment. You can definitely bend the pins, though.
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^Wow, wiggling it really did the trick! Thanks

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Unless its electronic drums.

I prefer 311's "push the tube in and out of the socket like they're having sex" analogy
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