For references, here's the specs:

From what I saw, it's pretty close to a Wizard III, anyone has tried it and can tell his likings?
So what do you want?

People will tell you that it's awesome if they are into this type of neck profile, others will tell you that the profile sucks because they don't like it.

Preference dude, preference...
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That graphic really tells you everything you could know without actually playing it. It's skinny, and it's round at the lower frets and gets flatter like an Ibanez as you go up.

I think it's crap, but I don't like Ibanez necks.
I don't "want" anything, as stated, this is for referal.

Not all manufacturers puts the info easely on their web sites, so this might help some people.
I agree that not many manufacturer put it on their website . im happy with Agile 3000 slim with a 17mm taper at 1st fret .. very slim like a ibanez .. all epiphone and gibson i tried were bigger and less confortable for my small hands .

the speedtaper is probably a response to manufacturer like ESP LTD ( think ec-1000 ) and agile slim etc... and the popularity of those guitar for metal .

IMO gibson's mistake is too put the 50's rounded neck on the Studio and faded studio . but if they put 60's slim taper on the studio .. then the sales of the standard , custom would probably dropped .

the 60's slim taper is the favorite of many player .

i still prefer the taper of my agile 3000 over any gibson /epiphone i tried .. 17 mm thats ibanez-like slim .

in the end , its preference .

but i agree that all manufacturer should put it on their website . thats a very important spec IMO . it change everything in the playability of the guitar and the overall confort and less fatigue .

good thing for epiphone i guess .. i dont know what else to say
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