Compressors are arguably most useful on cleaner tones,when you use heavy distortion you get a certain degree of natural compression in the sound anyway.
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what happened lol this dude made a post and got banned
but like seagull said i don't think they use compression with
distortion just a guess though .
only people i know of that use compression with distortion is periphery. its usually just with cleans.
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Ok.. so the guy got banned...

I got a question..

ok.. I like using compression... even when I'm using distortion.... BUT... since switching to my Peavey Windsor, I've noticed quite a bit of feedback... thought it was just the amp.. could it be "over compression" caused by using both distortion and compression...

I switched from a Fender Twin... and the Windsor even at it's cleanest has quite a bit more gain than the Twin...

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