I am building my pedal board and I have several combo pedals and a loop station. I'm unsure about where to place them. Here's what I know I want so far:

Guitar > Tuner > Wah > Compressor/Overdrive pedal > Overdrive/Distortion pedal > Input.

Effects Loop Send > Flanger pedal > ?????????? > Effects Loop Return

My remaining pedals are a boost pedal, a loop station, a reverb pedal, and a echo/chorus combo pedal and a noise gate.

My thing is I have heard that ideally for a traditional setup, you'd want your noisegate after modulation effects (like chorus) but before echo effects. As my combo pedal has both (with the echo channel first I might add) I can't really do that. Can someone help we figure out where the rest should go?

I'd put the boost after the wah, before the OD/DS pedal, the echo and reverb into the FX Loop... try if you like it first in the loop or if something else is there before, it's personal preference. I've always put the noise gate as the very last thing in the chain, in the fx loop. I'm not sure where the loop pedal should go, though.

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It's all up to you. Try different combinations.

Some people prefer to have a wah in the loop, I don't, and apparently you don't either.

I think you should try putting the gate anywhere AFTER your gain stages.

Try putting the boost pedal somewhere in front of the amp, probably after your overdrive pedal, right before the input of the amp.

Loop station I would put at the end in the effects loop, maybe with the reverb after. But don't put the echo after the looper, because you might want to record some lines with an echo effect. And if you are playing along to a looped track with the echo afterwards, and put the echo on for what you're playing, then the looped part will be affected as well.

Again, it's all what you think sounds best. I personally prefer my flanger in front of my amp, because I like a distorted flanger rather than a flanged distortion, especially since I get a volume drop and having the gain stage afterwards compresses things a bit and I get to keep some volume.
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