Hi guys, theres this riff I came up for a song Im making but there's a slight problem: the last note of the riff doesn't "fit" with the first note the way I want it, it just doesnt feel right when you loop it.

This isnt the first time this has happened and it's frustrating, does this happen to anyone else?
Is the problem that the first note doesn't sound good harmonically/melodically after the last note?

Or is it a timing / meter issue?
what are you using to loop?
if you are using a daw, and you made a nice perfect little loop in it, then saved it as an mp3 and imported it back in to loop there will be a tiny little gap at the start of the file that is used for song information. it'll show up in your nice perfect little mp3 loops and **** up your timing.

If thats the problem, WAVs are your friend.
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