I know, it's not the best thing in the world, but i'm trying to get a cleaner sound of it, it sounds so muffled right now.. This guitar hasn't been played in 6 years, so it could be that. but the amp is brand new, so i mean could be the amp..

Any tricks to get a clean sound?
no, not a clean boost. you don't need that.

I suspect its the guitar. not having been used in 6 years the strings are definitely shot, and you may have an electrical issue or two (dirty components mostly).

as for the amp, what settings are you using?
Set it on the Green Twn model, that is the cleanest model on the amp.
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yes what i was saying is there are clean boosts available. this could be many different things, you should probably try to hook your guitar into a friends amp. if it sounds bad then it is your guitar/cable so play your friends guitar with your cable. there you go do some trouble shooting and if you know its the amp then actually tell us what your eq is at.