I've recently noticed something weird about my splawn quickrod when playing on either of the distortion channels. What has been happening to me, when I let my guitar feed back for a bit, and go to hit a string that isn't feeding back, I get a buzzy sound instead of the note sustaining properly. It happens sometimes when hitting thick strings then trying to play notes on higher strings while the lower strings are still ringing. Could this be a preamp tube issue? I'm investing in some contact cleaner for my tubes as well...

the pre amp tubes are tung sol 12ax7s by the way, I love them for cleans, but I feel like something new is in order for the distortion channel, I want something with less gain, that can seem more volume driven, rather than full out gain. I'm not sure if the quick rods take 12au7's or at7's. But I am thinking of trying some of those. Any suggestions will be appreciated. thanks.
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I think I may have cleared this up in your other thread but a Quick Rod is just a 2 channel class A/B Marshall based amp. It can take 12AX7s, 5751s, 12AT7s, and 12AU7s (with the AU7s having the least amount of gain). I think you've got a good start on preamp tube recs from your other thread and yes you can mix and match these in almost any combination. Your power tubes are the ones you don't want to mix and match - those need to be the same and matched fairly closely.

Now, your distortion problem concerns me but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it. Can you post a clip of this by chance? Are you talking about your Clean and Dirty channels or the OD1/OD2 within the dirty channel.

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Buy a swag of preamp tubes and experiment. I've explained what I think pretty much in your other thread. Giving the tube sockets a good clean is also a good idea.
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