Thanks for the crit, listened to Denial:

I'm not really a metalcore fan but this had a few differences to the 'genericore' most people are familiar with. As you may have guessed, I'm a sucker for a bit of Rhodes, so I thought that was anice touch and it worked really well.

I wasn't too keen on the style of the vocals (except for the intro part) but I guess it works for the song and that's just taste. On a similar note I thought "sick and nasty" was pretty good for the song but I'm not sure that amount of bending is going to be fun, lol.

The long section around the solo with that strange time sig stuff going on - not sure why you didn't have it in 4/4 but the actual music is probably my favourite part of the song so I wont bash .

"In other words..." was probably equally good and the last part was a nice outro for the songs so I don't really have any problems with that section either.

Overall, it's a good piece, just a few things that don't float my boat tbh. Don't feel obliged to change anything, but don't be afraid to either I guess.
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hey man thx a lot for your crit , returning the favor.

i listened to cross eyed landscape

Very nice sets a good mood and the melodys that come in are good aswell , epsacially when the lead comes in allthough bar 14 is cinda bland and a little off imo

bar 20 is good aswell allthough its sounds a little to full if because of all the instruments/dynamics , but its not bad , outro nice and ties it up well.

drums are cind of interesting with the fast bass drum , but a little to many crashes wich takes away from the variation. anyway good stuff a little short but it works for this song !


o and btw what does ~~~ mean ? :P you critted it in flanders fields but i dont know what u mean with that :P
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