The chorus thing sounds cool sort of like system of a down,

i cant stand the drums though is that click thing a snare?
haha... yeah, the click thing is a snare. I never mixed the tune, though I did create the drums via midi programming. The snare isn't that thick or prominent. Still have the original midi files so I could use a different drumkit and mix it myself.
haha epic dude! I love bagers in raincoats, sweet song title. The song had wicked SoaD vibes for me too. The solo was pretty badass, nice shredding, fits the song really well. MIDI drums are always gonna let you down, but here they're not too bad, just that snare sound is a little off-putting.


hahaha, check out my stuff if you get a chance
Cheers dude. Glad you enjoyed it For the verses I was influenced by Mike Patton. Saw him in a clip on YouTube, recording with Dillinger Escape Plan and he had a part gas mask on. So I decided to sing the verses wearing a full gas mask. I can hear the choruses being a bit like SoaD, with the harmonies :P

Thanks for the reply. Will definitely focus on getting a more badass snare sound next time
Awesome. Sounds like a song my friend would make...
I liked everything. Nothing change would i.
Whicked solo too.