I'm trying to get rid of some amps to sell to get some money for a better one. I have a line 6 spider 3 30 watt, some really small noobish silvertone that has a very decent sound for what it is, and some shitty peavey amp. I don't know the exact models are for the silvertone and peavey, but they're typical small amps. Any help on figuring out what exceptional prices instrument exchanges would buy these for would be appreciated. Thanks



Just do a search and see how much people are selling them for and take the average of that. Or look them up on Harmony Centrals reviews. Most post how much they and if they bought them new or used.

Keep in mind, geographical location plays into it too.
Search eBay for completed listings. That way you'll see what people actually pay for them, rather than what people are hoping to get.
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$50 for the spider
$25 for each of the other amps.
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