Hey guys!

I'm starting to move away from playing chords a bit, as I want to learn riffs and scales and other cool stuff. So is there any which is a must know? I want to learn as much as possible, as I want to by able to mix chords and riffs/scales/licks together!
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learn your scales starting with major. tonic-2-2-1-2-2-2-1 2= whole step 1= half step
learn every scale in major in every position on the neck, just move down notes to change positions and continue in order. the relative minor scale starts on the 6th note of the major scale you're playing.
ex. D-E-F-G-A-Bb-C-D
that should be good enough to start you off and keep you busy for awhile, learn the notes as you play them so you learn all the notes up and down the fretboard and take note of the sound each interval has and each single note. you will have to start off very slow probably but it is worth it to make things easier later on
have fun with it too! there aint nuthin better than having fun while learning to play new stuff.
I'm quite confused with scales though. Let's say I'm doing a Dm scale right. And I just want to mess about, can i ONLY use the notes from the Dm scale if you know what i mean?

Or can i ex. slide from Am to Dm and continue what im doing?
Farida D32E
Walden D522 12 String

Levellers <3
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12 bar blues is a good steeping stone. Learn it well. When you have the rhythm going try adding some lead notes from the relative scale ( blues or minor pentatonic) now your jammin, now your havin fun. Cheers
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have fun with it too! there aint nuthin better than having fun while learning to play new stuff.

That's great advice, I would recommend that too!
It's good to learn scales and single-line stuff as they said above, because it's less difficult to become proficient playing one note at a time than many of them at the same time (chords)

Try to come up with a random melody in your head, sing it (even if you don't sing! XD) and then try to do that on the guitar. That's something I read from Brian May some time ago.

And try lots of things, I believe there's never a "one right thing" to do on guitar playing.

Take care!