More of a just curious question for everyone.

Do you capture some of your practice sessions if you just mess around and catch on to something good? Something you want to remember for later as far as riffs or progressions?

My thought was a digital voice recorder to at least get something recorded and easy to use. Anyone do something like this? With what gear?
Generally I just use a phone camera. Sound quality is appalling but it's only to remember ideas with
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Some MP3 players have built in microphones, phone cameras, etc. Zoom makes some really high quality portable recording units that would give you some solid quality, but you'd have to be willing to throw down a bit of cash. If it's just for ideas (rather than critiquing performance) then something like a phone camera or a little recorder (like what people sometimes use to record lectures), will do.
Usually if I make a lick or riff I really like, I'll record it and transcribe it onto Guitar Pro or a music sheet. Sometimes I just let them all build up and throw it all together and it becomes a song haha

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YES! Some of my bands best songs came out of just messing around during practice. What Kind of gear do you have to work with? and what kind of budget do you have? previously we just used the voice recorder on the iphone, but now, during practice, we set up a microphone, and record through a free program called "Kristal" you can download online. Do you have a computer? If so what OS do you have? apple has a built in recording program thats pretty decent with a built in mic on most computers that you can use.