What are people's thoughts on the Black Forest fuzz pedal. I like it's blend of over drive/fuzz. I am just after a light fuzz pedal nothing too over saturated and found the Black Forest but thought I would bounce it here and see what people think of it or if people know of another light fuzz pedal that is similar. If people are suggesting a pedal budget is under 160 AUD or 170 USD.

Thanks UG :-)
I don't really know if it's similar to a Black Forest at all, but the Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom is known for having ridiculous note clarity even with complex chord shapes. And speaking from having owned one it's got a thick character but it is a fairly light fuzz sound even when the gain is dimed (which is actually why I ended up trading it off).
Hey thanks for the suggestion. Checked out some clips and it doesn't sound too bad!