iv got my song recorded, but theres so much treble. treble everywhere. hey thats some nice treble youve got there, why thanks, i trebled it all up myself. god damn look at that fine ass treble!

im using reaper, and i recorded everything with my rock band mic.

so how do i EQ my shit up?

edit: iv got too many things going on at once for my mixing skills, ie, adjusting track volumes....
i mean, devin townsend has a million things going on at once in his songs, and you can clearly hear every one. yeah he doesnt use a rock band mic, so they are clearer, but im sure its all in the mixing, so what are some basic mixing techniques i can use?
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haha, i use reaper with a rockband mic as well. for EQing i use reaq, look for it in the effects menu. for guitar solos to stand out add some more mids to them. and for more bass, position your mic off center on the speaker.

this is my band's EP, i recorded it with a rockband mic, and mixed and edited with reaper, and this is about as good as i could get it. so you get an idea of what its capable of
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theres an effects menu?
im brand spanking new to reaper, i switched over from audacity just recently
Find the spectrum analyser (iirc it's Analysis/gfxanalyser in the FX menu), or DL the free Voxengo one so you can clearly what frequencies you need to play with.

Best piece of advice to a beginner; instead of boosting the frequencies that need to be heard, cut the ones that don't. Obviously not all the way, but you need a balance across the spectrum, and if you boost everything you'll just end up with a brickwall of noise.
Multiband compressors are also very useful if you can figure them out.

A slight high cut reverb will enhance the harmonic overtones.
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yeah he doesnt use a rock band mic, so they are clearer, but im sure its all in the mixing,

Seriously.... don't be so sure that it's all in the mixing.

It's hard to make a rock band mic sound good. You can spend all day polishing a turd, but at the end of the day, it's still just a shiny turd.

Yes, learn some mixing skills.

But also get some proper microphones.

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i dont know how to mix, anyone care to link me some useful reads on mixing?


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Play around with the EQ for each instrument. Obviously a rock band mic isn't going to compare to a nice condenser, but if you EQ it right you can get the highs out and the mids in more to compliment the overall mix. Boost to around +6db and sweep the highs until you don't like the sound, and take that high frequency out (or whatever frequency you don't like, it works for all frequency ranges)

hope this helps a little!