so recently i've been having some problems with ordering from musiciansfriend.com.
these problems being one, i have to call the people to order things now, because for some reason, they suddenly don't have authorization to use my credit card data, and its been like that for a couple months now. now, this isn't the real problem, im fine with calling them, the real problem is i called them, on saturday, feb 11, to order some new strings. i ordered 8 packs to stock up with, 4 packs needed to set up my other guitarist and i for a show we have this upcoming friday. last thursday, i received 2 of the 8 packs, on the 4th buisness shipping day. i still haven't gotten my other 6 packs, and tomorrow will be the 8th, the last business shipping day in their guarantee thing. i've never personally had to wait past the 5th business day to receive my order from these guys. now im asking, if i dont get the rest of my order tomorrow, in what way should i contact them and sort out this situation?

also, dont know if this is the right place of the forums to put this, but my best guess has been made
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Quote by moscaespañol
You're gonna get them tomorrow.

my point is never have i had to wait this long for these guys to get something to me. i've always supported musicians friend, due to good service, and if i dont get 'em tomorrow, im gonna flip, probably just stick with amazon to get everything too
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Sometimes they just have off days, I guess

I've heard lots of similar stories to yours.

281-330-8004, that's my cell phone number, hit me up on the low
if youve always supported them why would you leave due to one mishap??
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Quote by mrsixstrings12
if youve always supported them why would you leave due to one mishap??

because i overreact to everything
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fairly certain you type this because i sound like an impatient idiot, right?
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If you ordered on a Saturday, the first business day is Monday. If they have a 5 business day guarantee, then if you get your order by the end of business on Friday, they made good on their guarantee. Saturday orders don't ship until Monday - unless you pay a steep premium.