A week or so ago I bought a new guitar, it's a Jackson Performer PS-2.

Alder Body
Maple neck w/ 24 fret Rosewood fretboard
Dot inlays
H-S-S pickups
5 way p/u selection
500k pots
Jackson labled licensed Floyd Rose
Dinky-ish body style that's real comfortable
Made in Korea

I have put a guitar heads mini rail humbucker in the neck and a neon yellow Dimarzio cliplock strap. I plan on putting a Dimarzio Super 3 in the bridge, it would be in right now but I must get mine swapped with a F-spaced one. It's weight is very reasonable, a tad bit more heavy than my DR-7 Jackson. The neck is really nice and gets fatter the higher up the neck. The pots and switch are insanely smooth, all the pots in my other guitars are much more heavy. So far this guitar is spoiling me rotton. The nut and bridge are both real solid and in good shape, stays in tune real well unless the wammy bar is really abused. It's machines are a bit on the loose side but i'm not too upset about that. It's not the quietest guitar but it's not annoyingly noisy. The finish has some pick scars which shows me the previous owner don't know how to pick. None of my guitars has that, I hope there's something I can do about that. Over all i'm really happy with the guitar. It has no major dings or dents. It feels broken in and I really like that. For 150 dollars I don't think I could have done much better.

Thanks for looking!