Ok I've been around the mmusic seen pretty heavily for a couple years now but have never heard of what I have just thought of in my head. Many amps especially the vintage ones don't have an effects loop but I was wondering if there would be any way of adding effects after the speaker out. I was thinking maybe some attenuator ir something like that would have this feature but like I said I've never heard of it. So does it exist if not can someone enlighten me as to why not.
Actually asked this same question on here awhile ago myself... Because the speaker out on an amp is powered, you can't send it into your guitar pedals, because it will fry them. However, if you use an attenuator to bring the juice down then it can be put through guitar pedals or rackmounts or whatever. The only problem with that is that the signal has to be routed into another power amp to give it enough juice to power a cabinet. Unless you are using a speaker simulator. Their is a chart around here somewhere with Eddie Van Halens first rig, it shows how he used an attenuator to add his stomp boxes because his Plexi didn't have an effects loop
What's the point of putting pedals in the effects loop? why not put them after the guitar?
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With an attenuator buffering them there might be some way to do it...

Adding your pedals to the effects loop is generally in-between the preamp and power amplifier circuit in your amplifier and properly buffered to (at least approximate) an impedance match with what the petals would expect from the guitar/another petal in the front and the input of an amplifier/another petal at the back.

Adding them AFTER the power amp seems rather silly since you would need to attenuate the signal so much that it would be unable to drive the speaker and then amplify it again. I find it rather difficult to believe that someone actually did that, but EVH is a madman, so I might be wrong.

It would be possible to make an attenuator that does this either by having it's own power amp built in OR by running the signal to the pedals and mixing that in parallel with the regular signal (which would make the effects pretty weak in the mix) or some combination thereof.

The more interesting question, in my opinion, is why no effects have been made that are designed to exist in that realm? The possibilities for an kind of filtering (EQ), and/or clipping (Distortion) are pretty much endless, and hardware designed for those kinds of power levels could definitely be made.

EDIT: to answer a new question: personally I run all my effect up front, but that's just me. You put effects in the effects loop that effect volume or that you want after your volume control so that they only effect amplitude (how loud it is) rather than gain (distortion). Or at least, that's why I used to do it before I started using single-channel Fenders. Poster after me got it too... Basically you want gain/compression in front of everything. If your amp has gain, you want your petals AFTER that if possible.
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What's the point of putting pedals in the effects loop? why not put them after the guitar?

because if you're using your amp's distortion, it's going to muddy the **** out of your reverb and delay, and will neuter your flange.
You'd have to attenuate the signal down to a level that the effects units can handle. After that you'd have to use a second power-amp to get everything loud again.
Alright thank anyways guys for the hhelp its to bad I love my jcm800 but it desperately needs a loop. Oh well.