Hello all,

I bought a used Vox AD50VT-XL about 3 months ago, and ever since I've had it has had this weird buzzing noise, but only on certain frets on the low E frets 5 to about 8 or 9, but when I plug it into my other AD50VT (Only one speaker) there is no buzzing. And when I play without an amp there is no buzz. Also, last week at band practice I noticed that when I have my distro pedal one the buzzing isn't there. So would buy either a pre-amp or an equalizer help this? I really need help and thanks in advance! Other than this problem (which I think is specific to mine) this is a great amp, so I would like to keep it! Thanks a ton!
you may possibly have a blown speaker if it is only doing it on the very low strings and first few frets.
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