Poll: Who copied Portnoy better?
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S0n1c '97 = Home - Dream Theater
3 33%
niejel = Honor Thy Father - Dream Theater (first 5 mins)
6 67%
Voters: 9.
This is the Drum Tier voting for CAOTPM v8.0. Listen to these pathetic Portnoy Wannabes.

S0n1c '97 = Home - Dream Theater
niejel = Honor Thy Father - Dream Theater (first 5 mins)

Please listen first to the song before voting, look for quality, cleanliness, accuracy and of course, showmanship if there's any.

Oh god, my video sucked

Good luck, Niejel
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^the **** with the audio??? Also lol at your Scenes from a memory t-shirt.

Good job though
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Dude, if you'll look at my guitar entries, I never expected to win. It's just that I like playing and this competition is a good motivation to learn, improvise, gain experience and get better.

Look at my Endless Sacrifice, I just enjoy the keyboards. I don't even have any high end shit. Hahaha.

TBH, that's a nice audio quality for the drums. Just more volume control. I don't even have any mikes. The snare's quite bassful for a snare sound. Just fix it with a bit of EQ. Bass is fine. And the cymbals are quite low in volume, you might want to fix that. Toms don't have much consistency, although my toms too sound like a bass drum.

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