I have a question(s) revolving around this idea of laughing while singing. Sounds absurd I know, but today, actually the last few days, i was singing just some songs that i consider warm-ups to me and in between phrases I found myself laughing. Not hysterically or anything, just short simple laughing that i could feel solely in my abdomen. I'm hesitant to say it was happening in my diaphragm because i'm still studying vocal pedagogy. Anyway, i would do this a phrase or so before my line was to start and i found it helped me and my support. It felt like it took any tensing or unwanted buildup away.

so my questions are these.
1. What am i doing with this laugh this creating this sensation
2. Is it good or detrimental to my voice?
3. this ties to the above, but should I continue using this "technique?"

Also if you guys have information about this i'd gladly like to read it

Thank you so much.
Laughing occurs in the diaphragm, so, what's probably happening is you're activating your diaphragm and it gives you more support. I say if it's working for you, keep doing it. Eventually, you probably won't have to do that anymore, but it sounds like a great practice technique.

P.S. I'm gonna start trying this now.
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