I have most of the song down except the interlude. Not sure what the symbols and letters refer to. Can anyone explain it? Thanks
were you planning on telling us which symbols and letters you're referring to?
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great version. i'm still having some hiccups with the interlude myself. not sure which version or parts your referring to. use the guitar pro and slow it down a bit.
Great song. You need to copy and paste the symbols/letters you're talking about if you want any help though.
I love playing this song! I don't see any letters on there, actually the only letter's I see are the tuning (which is in standard) and "let ring" etc. If you are a beginner (which may be the case), you'll have to develop your finger strength and independence before it'll start sounding good . Have fun, and practice!
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Yes there are no letters but the way its written you don't need them. Fingers are OK just not sure how to do the 3 under curve / 5. Actually, is there a difference between an under curve and an over curve? And if theer is just a curve an no H or P what do you do? Thanks.