Well I've been writing a bit lately and have found that I have some extra material I don't intend to use with my band now since I already used all my better songs for our album. I am interested in playing this music live at some point, and maybe even recording it, but I have one dilemma. I need a band. My real issue is that I don't have anybody to play in it that I know well enough. My good friends are all in my main band, and I don't want to be a one man band or have my project implode after a week by just inviting random musicians I know to come rehearse. Any advice? If it helps, I am most likely going to sing and play lead guitar or bass.
Go acoustic by yourself. It's a real "solo" band if its just you. Unless your only a metal guy, that might be awkward, but I don't know...Opeth do it

And there are more places to perform by yourself. open mic nights, coffeehouses, art galleries, and venues will only have to pay one guy. they always like paying less people
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