Hey guys, fairly new player here learning the basics. I've been playing a few easy chord songs and some finger style too. The problem I seem to have is when playing a chord like a G I seem to get overwhelming low tones that make it sound kind of weird. Where as a D chord sounds good.

I'm using a fg700s with stock everything atm. Maybe some new strings would help? The action seems a little high too, is it recommended to change the nut?
the G and E chords do have more bass than many other notes that mute the low E, but new strings can never hurt if you think the old ones are due for a change. you can buy strings designed to give a bright sound to compensate. if you really think something sounds off, an easy way to test is to use your tuner and play the chord.

I wouldn't touch the nut. look down the neck and see how straight it is. if it's bowed, the action will lower on its own when you straighten it. if the guitar doesn't have a bowed neck you can fix the action by sanding down a bit of the saddle. there are a ton of tutorials on how to do this yourself. if you bring it in to a store you'll probably be paying around 50$ including new strings.
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