i liked it, im not that good at criting but it all sounded pretty sweet to me.
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I love Tracie.

Thanks for the listen though. Im starting to think i need to redo the part before the end. It doesnt fit the rest of the song. I like the arpeggio riff though. Originally i wanted to add synth, but it sounded too unnatural. So i played it on guitar but i dont have the chops to sweep tap at 176 bpm lol so its kinda off sets the blast beat by going half time. So i may work on that.
First of all, great name.

I'm a fan of mixing drums differently, so the more treble, ambient drum sound works well with the music. The guitars are quite sweet. Reminds me of 50's... There's a little bit too much of a drastic jump to the even more old radio/vinyl-esque sound of the guitars, but still the idea is good.

You're very musically minded. The blastbeat sounds a little off with the timing. The reason for such a change in sound is that you have more upfront guitars and then pushed back alternating picking from you distorted guitar. If there was a way of keeping the acoustic guitar going, strumming almost as percusive to keep the sound thicker for this part. If you're into using synths/keyboards, how about having something else for the repeating beat in this section, like a sampled bass kick.

As there are different sections of the song, how about for the last section trying to combine the musical ideas of the first section with some ideas for the last section. That way you can make it tie in together and bring the listener back to where they started as a realisation of the journey they went on.

I may be talking a lot of crap. I really like the intention of the music and that you are trying different things. The song is like a journey to me. Good work, and hope you do more like this