Hey guys I have a Bugera 6260 that I really like but I am curious on the sound if I put el-34s in it. Looking around it looks like SEDs are very good, but they are pricey for me just experimenting. I dont even know if I will prefer the sound to the 6L6s until I try them. I have of course heard good things on JJs but not particularly on their EL-34s. Does anyone have any reccomendations on some EL-34s that will give me a good sound without costing too much?
The Ruby EL34B-STR is actually pretty good. I've gotten good results out of Tung-Sol reissues. If you're looking at the whole family, I'm a big fan of KT77s, but they may not fit in the enclosure.

I do find that switching to EL34s tends to improve most amps.
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.
KT77s are the same size as EL34s. My favorite current modern production EL34 is actually Groove Tubes el34m Mullard copy.

6L6 vs. EL34 is a pure matter of taste. I like EL34s in some amps and 6L6s in other amps. My favorite tube is a KT66 which is in the 6L6 family, but I probably wouldn't throw them in a Bugera. Plus, they're expensive.
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I didnt even consider KT77s. How would those compare to the EL34s?

I thought about the Groove Tubes but I had not considered the Rubys before. I will look into both. How would they compare with JJs. Sorry for all the n00b questions I am new to using different tube, I have been running the stock tubes on my Bugera since I got it.