Hey guys,
I started uni this week and I need a pair of decent headphones to use for pretty much everything, I'm doing majors in Sound and Radio and a minor in screen production so I need some that will be good enough to suit all of those (ie. not just a pair that's good for rock music etc.) Oh and my budget is only about $100-$120 US (sorry)

Any help would be hugely appreciated guys
I would recommend you look at the AKG K series. I have K77's and love them, and I hear the more expensive ones are even nicer. Mine have a nice flat response that reacts really nicely to EQing. They also do a pretty good job of keeping the heaphone noise in your ears and all other noise out without being too extreme about it. If there's no sound coming through them you can still hear, and if you've got music cranked full blast in them, it's gonna bleed out some.
The Yamaha RH10MS headphones have a flat response... $100... but what I like most about these is that they have a 3D sound technology that envelopes the ear without it sounding like it's pounding directly into the ear. I can use them for hours without feeling ear/sound fatigue.
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bose triports. kick ass quality at a relatively low price

bose's make ads, so their overpriced..
My friend's Beyers are nice, and AKG's are awsome..
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I have a pair of the sennheisers... Forget which model, but they were around $115. I like them a lot. Great sound quality, and comfortable to wear for extended lengths of time when you're doing mixing and other assorted geekery.
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I highly recommend the shure srh440's. Great frfr sound and are very durable. Theyre only about $80 on amazon.
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+1 for AKGs

I've got some K244s and love them though they cost me a bit more than $120.
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