i got a thread that has been closed, im not done on that yet so i gonna ask another one about that..................

this is the choices which i want to buy gibson/gibson lp, ibanez, fender strat.

so somebody said it depends on my taste...

yah i know. but the only thing is i dont know their differences........

can you pls tell me? PLS.
my response would be get a nice strat. That would be my response based on the information given. A gibson les paul would not be a mistake by any stretch of the imagination but the bottom line is the choice depends on what you intend to do and what you are trying to achieve. A strat can basically do anything (flame shields on) and a Les Paul is a great guitar but a bit heavy and in my opinion not quite as flexible as a strat (again... MY OPINION). go to the shop with cash in your pocket, try em both and see what "feels" right. that is all.
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It's all preference. I will never be seen buying a tele or strat, because I don't like them, but zenbone for instance is obviously more of a stratfan.

Like I said last time.

If you want real help, answer as many of these questions as you can. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1497696

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different guitars out there. You can't just generalize broadly like you're doing.
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As I've said many time before...

Go to a store and play as many guitars as you can, up to 15% OVER your budget (haggle it down later). The guitar for you will feel right in your hands, and sing to you like no other.
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Sorry, but this annoys me to no end.
If your english is not good enough to make yourself clear, then you should not be on this forum.
With "Please excuse my bad english" you won't get further, even more so, if you refuse to even acknowledge what you are told.
Your question is nonsensical, and without the requested information no-one will be able to help you.
Are there no guitar forums in your native language?
Can't you bother them?
If not, could you at least use google translator?

And the guitar you should buy:
Ibanez JEM 25th anniversary EVO replica.
Just gonna assume that that's within your budget...
ok.. so my favorite "BANDS" not "BAND" are:

spongecola my most favorite

aqua timez

yoshioka yui

any many anime bands.
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ok.. so my favorite "BANDS" not "BAND" are:

spongecola my most favorite

aqua timez

yoshioka yui

any many anime bands.

That will still not help us help you....

As a couple of people before me have said please follow the instructions here:


Otherwise nobody can help you. There are thousands of guitars out there, you can't expect us to just tell you to buy a random one.
Just buy a random one.
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i posted my favorite band already..
for the pickups i love humbuckers near where you put the string,, humbucker on the middle, and single coiled 1 or 2 on the last one near the neck.

budget.. any but not expensive if there is a better one that is not expensive..
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Hey, seriously dude, are you a troll or what? I have read some of your threads and you seem to be a complete noob. You ask about things like "what is a humbucker" or "what is a distortion pedal". And open ten threads that ask the same questions. If you don't know what a distortion pedal is then you don't deserve a Gibson LP!!

And sorry if I was harsh but you make me laugh.
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