Imperium :


It's 9 minutes long and slow to evolve, please bear in mind that it's supposed to be a backing track on a loop. I didn't want it to be too attention grabbing. You don't have to listen to all of it just skip through different parts, I'd say it's split into about 3 different sections....
I'm thinking of layering a lead bit over the lengthy middle bit with the guitar.. but it might not be necessary as it's not supposed to be attention grabbing.

As usual I will crit your work too!
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Nice dude, the kick in the intro is almost heartbeat like. And the creepy background noise adds some wicked atmosphere. The electronic beat that kicks in around 2:00 is pretty badass, with that synth it sounds very futuristic/sci fi. The next beat at 4:20 is rockin, brings a lot of energy to it, then the one at 6:40 brings even more. The pulsing that carries through the track really gives it the sci fi feel.

I like it dude, nice stuff
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