So hello UG,

I have a 2010 Gibson SG Standard and I've had it for just over half a year now. I had a Les Paul before I got it and now, I'm kind of having second thoughts and I'd like to go back to a Les Paul.

Now there is someone near me who is selling or trading his nineties Les Paul Studio, that has been stripped down and refinished (professionally) to a natural finish.

First: I reckon my SG is worth more, because of the removed finish on the LP.

Second: The Les Paul's been fixed at the neck for something I can't explain in English, but it's not a crack and not a break. It's from when someone accidentally hit the neck on like a door. A chip I guess.

But third: I love Les Pauls in natural. It's by far my favorite finish and if they even are made in the factories still, they never come by where I live. I've only seen one and that was a Custom Shop model way out of my league.

So I was thinking offering my SG for the Les Paul + cash, but I don't know how much I could ask. I live in Belgium and SG Standards go for about 800-850 euros here and Les Paul Studio's with finish go for about a 100 less.


My 2010 Gibson SG Std is in really good shape (just a bit of buckle wear, but only seen under good light).
His 90's Les Paul has been fixed of some sort of chip and has been refinished in natural; all done professionally.

How much more (I'm pretty sure it's worth more) is my SG worth?

So, opinions?
And thanks in advance.
I'm not really intending to go for a straight trade, unless someone is really sure they're worth about the same. I value my SG higher than a stripped down Les Paul, but I do like the looks of it.

I'm also not doing it if the guitar doesn't feel right, but I like Les Pauls and I like the feel of studio's, so I guess that should be alright.

Thanks for the input.