I have a friend who is sponsored and aside from free stuff, can get discounts. I’ve had friends in music retail that can get employee discounts. I’ve never asked anyone for a favor of this type. Only one guy has ever offered a discount and I almost pulled the trigger on a Hamer Newport. Back when they had their music division, Kaman gave all employees discounts on all guitars-and would sell factory blems to employees only (or so I was told) so it was a good deal. However, I’m thinking that most discounts for people in the biz are based on MSRP and they don’t really get such a good deal.

Hypothetically, If someone was looking for the best deal on a particular Gibson ES335, perhaps $2,400 from chain store, or better yet-a large single store that matches MF’s and GC’s prices, what do you think the retail employee’s discount would be? Approximately, what would dealer cost be? Does Gibson have an outlet for blemished products? If Gibson offers employee discounts, any idea of the price?
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