I hear horror stories from comedians and musicians about how the DMV is the worst place ever.

So, is it just one big hyperbole or have some of you had to go through terrible ordeals at the DMV.
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The DMV isn't that bad as long as you have all the paperwork, valid license and such AND YOU ARE PATIENT.
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Depending on where you are, the lines can be out the door and the wait in excess of 1-2 hours. Also, DMV employees are notoriously unpleasant, if not downright rude. It's not the case for all DMVs, but it's the reputation most of them have earned.

^Pretty much what he said. If you can handle some less than friendly employees who just want to process you and get you out of the way, then as long as you're prepared you'll be fine.
I got stuck behind this bitch complaining loudly to whatever poor sap was on the other end of her cell about how long the line was and about everything every employee was doing. How this worker is just a fat slob or this worker is a freakin idiot jackass.

She had that half british/ half american ghetto way of speaking. Her voice combined with the ranting was too much for me. I left and came back later even though i had to restart in the line.
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Just bring an iPod and something to read

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It depends. Our old DMV was absolute shit, it was built in the 50's or 60's IIRC and was essentially a doublewide trailer with no central air and an addition out back with a few more clerks and the permit testing "holes" in it.

The new DDS building is fucking great though. I went at like noon to get my license renewed a few months ago and I only waited about 45mins. The front desk gives you a number and whatever paperwork you need. There were 15 or 16 clerks, and almost every station has a camera so you don't have to wait to have your picture taken.
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It's just understaffed so the wait is incredibly long. I went in early on a week day over my winter break to get my license renewed and the wait was about 2 to 2.5 hours, but once I saw someone it took longer for the license to print than for me to do the seeing tests and such with her. I was out of there in 4 minutes after I was seen and the people working their were pleasant.

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^ that's ****ed.
Australia on has about 25+million people, still the wait is generally hours.
I don't even wanna think about the one in Macau.
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It is boring. I mean, what does it cost them to unlock their Internet for the public? I wouldn't mind waiting 3 hours if I had a Hotspot to kill time on.
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It's WAY worse.
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It might not be as horrible as it sounds, but there is absolutely no way of leaving that place in a good mood.

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This is key. Problem is, most of us have lives and having to take a day off of work to go to the DMV is a pain in the ass.

Granted, it's usually not that bad. But it can be.


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It might not be as horrible as it sounds, but there is absolutely no way of leaving that place in a good mood.
Yes, there is...
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Yes, there is...

There is no such thing as DMV poon.

281-330-8004, that's my cell phone number, hit me up on the low
I've only had 2 experiences with the DMV. The first was getting my initial license which didn't take long surprisingly, only about an hour but the woman at the counter was the biggest bitch I have ever had to deal with. I ended up getting her name and going home to report her to her superior.

The second time I didn't have any trouble but I had to wait 4 hours. I got there around 9, and received a number then was told to wait for them to call my number. I ended up sitting there for 2 hours doing nothing, decided to go have lunch with my then girlfriend almost across town haha and then going back to wait another hour. Pretty hellacious but when I finally got to the desk it took all of 5 minutes to get my license renewed if even that.

In conclusion, yes, everything you've ever heard bad about the DMV is probably not a hyperbole.
Employees are government employees so the DMV isn't their first choice in careers but the one I go to in Salt Lake is actually really high tech and efficient, and the one I went to in high school was super small with very few people visiting every day so I don't have a bad DMV story
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You just have to wait a long time, and realize that everyone who works there doesn't want to work there and takes it out on everyone passive-aggressively.
The DMV is horrendous. I have never met a nice person who worked there. I'm always nice to people in shitty jobs like that because I know how much it sucks to be working hard and have someone come up and be an asshole to you. Even though I'm polite, they always act like bitches. Fuck the DMV.