I live in Europe and want to buy a 2003 Gibson AJ Braz Rosewood in the US.
I found one with someone that sells guitars online.
As you know exporting/importing guitars with Braz Rosewood is a problem with the CITES.
At first I was thinking on travelling to the US to get it myself and save me the transport/import tax but I wonder if I would get trough customs.
He says he has shipped several Braz Rosewood out of the US wich arrived at destination without problems.

What would be best ? Shipping or getting it myself ?
Does anybody know what to do, how to handle or got any experiance with this ?

Yes you could have it shipped to me here in New Zealand and i will look after it real well for you.
As long as the paper work is official & legit, you'll have no problems. As long as the rosewood was harvested before 1992, it's legal.
If you're just shipping one guitar, the customs people don't need to know what kind of wood it is.
If you are caught without the papers, there could potentially be some big fines. They've recently been really cracking down in it as can be seen with what's happened to Gibson. You absolutely need the papers to prove that you have a guitar made of legitimately obtained Brazilian Rosewood.

As for which is better, importing or travelling, I have no idea.
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