I already posted this in "the only traynor thread" but I haven't really gotten any responses. So I figured I'd try again outside of the "Traynor" thread.

My friend has an old vintage Traynor Amp head and 4x12 cab (a YGL-3A Mark III head and a YGC-412 cab to be specific) And he was thinking about selling them on eBay. There is nothing functionally wrong with them, they work just fine. And they are in pretty good physical shape considering their age.

My friend was just wondering what they would be worth ? If it would be worth it for him to sell them ? The only reason he really wants to sell them is he doesn't really need a big 4x12 cab and heavy amp head anymore. Otherwise he would keep them.

So what do you guys think this Traynor halfstack is worth ?

Here is a pic of what the amp looks like. (note this is not the actual amp, just a pic of one)