Hi guys,

tried a few things to sort this out, just looking for some advice really.

I'm running a set up like this: guitar>brace audio digital wireless system>boss tu2>digitech whammy dt>isp decimator g string (4 cable method)>bogner alchemist 40 watt head. All the pedals are powered from the Digitech whammy power supply connected up to a daisy chain. FYI, incase it is relevant the power supply that came with my whammy is one of those ones with the clip off plug bit so you can use a US or European style socket.

I keep getting a buzzing noise at gigs, really loud whenever my amp is turned up, it doesn't happen at home. I'm not sure whether it is a bad power supply, or whether it is just venues having too many things causing interference on stage, or what.

Any pointers?

I've tried every cable straight into the amp, as well as wireless straight into the amp, each pedal individually, and swapped out all patch leads to see if it was any of those, nothing.

Help me, please.
could be a ground issue, or do you use different cables for shows than practice? if it happens one place and not the other not sure, my lead guitarist had that problem but it was the connection in the back of his marshall 4x12 going bad, but it happend at practice too
Could it be stage lights affecting your pick-ups? Have you tried turning up to gig volumes at home?
Yeah, I've cranked the amp a few times at home, it was fine the recording studio 2 days after the gig, so I'm going to assume it was the lighting in the venue, or some sort of mains issue there.