i have just recently bought a Bugera 6262 with a Marshall 1960a JCM 2000 and it sounds very muddy and unpleasant when playing chords

anybody got any setting that could help?

Ah settings threads, my favourite.
What gear are you using? What settings have you currently got?
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Quote by Paddy McK
Ah settings threads, my favourite.
What gear are you using? What settings have you currently got?

Bugera 6262 head with a Marshall 1960a JCM 2000 cab
Ibanez RBR321EX


LEAD settings:
reverb: 4
Presence: 6
Treble: 7
MID: 8
Bass: 4
Gain: 2/3

CLEAN settings:
Reverb: 3
Presence: 6
Treble: 4
MID: 7
Bass: 5
Gain: 1/2
^nA, THE 6262 is a copy of a 5150II. The 5150 is a very clear sounding amp. Plus the 1960A has GT75's? IIRC those have a slightly (subjective) scooped sound....

Did you try setting your tone knob to full? One made a thread about how his Vypyr didnt have enough gain and didnt sound aggressive even with mids on 0 and treble on 10 with dimed gain. Turned out he had his tone rolled all the way back.

Also, crank the amp. Volume makes a massive difference. Patches that I make at bedroom volume sounds excessively bassy and muddy at rehearsal volume, while patches that sound good at high volume sound thin at low.

It might also be that you just dont like the amp. The 5150 and all its copies are very lower mid heavy and dark sounding amps.

Are you using new strings btw? Old dead strings sound pretty dull as well. I doubt its the amp, the 6262 is a nice sounding amp even if it has a badd rep for reliability.
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Volume up, mids down to about 4.5-5.
I just picked up my first tube amp yesterday (Used Crate VFX 5212. Beast of an amp, its got fender cleans and marshall high gains) so I'm just learning also but so far the higher I crank the volume the better it sounds and the cleans & distortion gets a lot clearer/more defined.

Something my Solid State half stack (RX120DH+cabinet) could never achieve.
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I know it sounds like a troll, but maybe you should back away from your amp...

I've known players who have bought their first Marshall cabs and told by others how nice they sound....while they were unhappy with their tone. So..honestly...get your longest cable and put some distance between the two of you and try again.

Then again....

Does your cabinet sound like it has a blanket over it?

If it does...you may need to upgrade your pickups. Some stock pickups will give that affect.
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I'm gonna agree with upping the volume and putting a little distance between you and the amp. I was slightly unhappy with my Egnater Vengeance when I bought it because it seemed kinda muddy and not very agressive, but I refused to decide until I played a gig with it. Kicking up the volume is what brings tubes amps to life. I loved my tone at the gigs I played and got a shitload of compliments. Then, after spending more and more time with the amp, I have learned more about how it responds to EQing and how to dial the best tones out of it at certain volumes.