What's The Going Rate These Days To Watch Your Wife Get Plowed By Some Dude?

Poll: is it a sick thing to wanna watch that? would you want to?
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View poll results: is it a sick thing to wanna watch that? would you want to?
you are a sick, sick f*ck OP. truly. :eek:
8 40%
OP, you might want to talk to somebody about this.. :confused:
7 35%
i'd probably beat off to my girl getting plowed by some young stud. that shit is hot :liplick:
0 0%
most homo thread i've seen in a while..not that there's anything wrong with that :shrug:
0 0%
dude that's probably my girl's fantasy; i can't satisfy her with my pencil dick :sad:
2 10%
i could never do that, my soul would burn slow at the sight of that.. :vhan:
2 10%
i'd try anything once. that shit might be hysterical, why not? :haha:
0 0%
FUUUUUUCKIN' A BROOOOO! i'll hook you up OP, get at me (no homo) :cool:
1 5%
Voters: 20.
i heard a lot of married dudes are into that. i'm not married, but i wouldn't mind watching one of my ex-girlfriends get plowed by some dude, like totally destroyed, to the point where she's crying tears of sweet ecstasy, and i look into her eyes and gently lick her tears away. this shit is turning me the f*ck on

i'm a voyeur i can't help it (don't judge me)
You wrote all then "don't judge me". I judge you harshly. Strange goings on lately.
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I've entered the twilight zone...
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It feels like I come in the pit a lot these days, read the OP, and then all I can say is WAT.

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I will judge you for capitalizing every word in your title and then using just lowercase in the body. Make up your mind.
What the fuck has happened to The Pit?

I mean like, seriously?

Where do you live? I'll fuck her for you.
It'll cost the price of a plane ticket and some grub.
But... What... Why... Really?
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The pit is deteriorating.....
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The Pit has changed.

It's no longer about new amps, IcyHot, and butsecks. It's an endless series of fucked up shit and reposts, perpetuated by 12'ers and Kelly22 - and its consumption of the Pit has become an unstoppable cancer.

The Pit has changed.
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