So I bought a new Big Muff Pi a couple weeks ago, I play it through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III with it being set up guitar->Big Muff-> Dunlop Classic Wah-> Amp, and a pedal board in my effects loop that goes, amp out-> Tuner pedal-> Flanger-> Super Chorus-> Digital Delay-> Amp In.

I have noticed my amp is nosier now, a buzzing that did not before. What should I do? Is there a pedal I could buy to eliminate the buzz? If so, what pedal and are there any good models that are fairly cheap?

Eh it is a fuzz pedal, not a distortion. So it will be fuzzy. Well with a 10 band MXR eq, lowering it's gain and bass tones a little bit, you can have a noise free sound. Or if you talk about hum, then get a boss noise gate so simply.
Ya I am talking about the hum when nothing is being played. Or when I am not using the pedal.
Well, if you want Big Muff tone without the noise I would suggest using the Little Big Muff.

I'm not exactly sure how you would be able to do it with the Big Muff short of getting a noise gate.
So wait, is it noisier when the pedal is engaged or even when its not? If its only when its engaged then that's tough to get rid of... The best and simplest way is to mess with the volume and gain to find a nice middle ground that has the tone you want, but with less noise. If its when the pedal is off also then you may just have extra noise due to more patch cables, in which case a noise gate may be preferable.
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