It would seem,
if I took an inventory
my priorities would be:
Pens and paper,
Notes and beats and chords,
Fresh kicks,
Food and board.
In that specific order,
no more no less would really impress.
I'm trying to refine the things I define as truly important,
to me and my happiness, ignoring standard decorum.
To regain control and gain some small modicum of order
and prevent boredom.
No time for resting and sleepiness
when you're wandering through such a very well defined wilderness.
If theres nothing to get up for,
theres no need to go to bed.
Theres a great big blinkered arbitrary world out there to see,
looming up ahead,
And you can lay down and do nothing with your free time when you're dead.

Act fast.
And nobody will notice that you're really going nowhere
Speak up.
And nobody will notice that you've got nothing to say.
--------------------i'm definitely the alphaest male here--------------------