Sometime this month I'm planning to make a purchase on a Schecter Omen 8 String Guitar and open for recommendations of what string set i should use. I plan to tune it down 1 whole step so it's E A D G C F A D, on a 26.5" scale length. The only legit "Set" i can find is the 10-74 slinky set. Will this be enough to keep the strings in tension just enough, but not too tight?
Ernie ball make sets for 8 strings now, and so do a few other companies. Look it up on their website
If the pre made sets don't work out too well for you then there is no reason why you can't buy a 6 string set and two additional heavy singles, getting you closer to what exactly you want.
I have the Omen-8 and use Ernie ball 8 strings set.

I like them alot and tune E A D G C F A D they hold tune very good.


You will have to raise the string height on the top 2 strings or you will have some fret buzz.

them top 2 strings are 74 and 64 gauge.
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I don't bother with stock sets anymore, I build my own. I use drop E myself, so I'm mostly a step up from your tuning. Here's what I use at 27":

.008 | .011 | .014 | .022 | .030 | .042 | .056 | .086

I use custom-made La Bella strings, so the .086 is made to order. You could probably look into that. Personally, I could just barely manage an E with .080 at 27". Using a .074 at 26.5"? It'll be pretty loose, and this is from a guy who likes light strings...

Use this string tension calculator to build your set: http://www.bangzero.org/stringtension/
Get the tension for the string gauges you like now, then see what others will fit.
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That'll work pretty fine, not much of an 8 string user but that guy ^ useses like an an .86, doubt you need that but if its too looose(doubt it) then go for it