I am confident with my playing/singing abilities. The problem is, I'm afraid to do it in front of people. I did it once for my girlfriend, and it made her very happy. I want to do it again, but I'm really scared, because I had another guitarist with me, backing me up, so I wouldn't be alone, but unfortunately I can't do that again. How do I get over this fear? I love playing guitar. It's my life, and singing is next. I want to be able to do it again to make my girlfriend happy, but I freeze up when I want to.
you need to get comforatable singing in front of people maybe sing around to your freinds and stuff to get used to the idea of singing in front of people or go to some open mic nights after that singer to her owuld be a breeze
Play in front of a few people completely naked one time and after that doing it clothed will be a breeze...

Seriously though, I feel for you. I literally start shaking when I play in front of people so naturally I don't play very well. I find that if I keep my eyes closed as much as possible and do my best to zone the rest of the world out it helps somewhat. At the very least I try not to look at the people lol
"Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." -some dude
Its hard to go outside your comfort zone, just get up there and do it. Believe me, the after buzz is worth it. Faint heart never won a fair lady. Cheers
I did notice that after the singing is over, I feel really great. It made me feel even better knowing that she was happy. I will try to do it...I hope it works again...
it gets easier and easier each time. your gonna hafta suck it up for a bit til your more comfortable soing it. the Blonde is uncomfortable singing also, i toss pennies at her to distract her and it seems to work well for her. BTW, prime's theory works well too if its just you and your girlfriend there !!!!