I'm looking for a name of a piece of equipment.. You can slide it on certain frets and makes the pitch go higher.. I don't know what they are called, any help please?

Also am I the only one who doesn't like using a pick?..
Its called a capo and it depends on the song for me
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Yeah it's a capo, they're like $5-$15 usually. I too use fingers exclusively on some things I play, but pick mostly cause it's easier.
Depends on what style you play, but Eric Clapton and Mark Knopler both played alot without a pick...do you just not like the sound?
i thik he means a slide maybe he did say slide...

but no i prefer plaing some things with finger to pick but doesnt mean you shoudl be able to do both
You might also be thinking of a piece actually called a slide. It looks like a bottleneck or tube that the player holds against the strings to get them to ring out, and is slid up and down the neck to produce a wide variety of sounds. A capo is a spring-loaded device to hold all (usually) of the strings down, thus changing the key of the instrument.
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