I got some Rokits!!!!!

I bought myself a pair of KRK Rokit 5, Alto Mixer and a set of KRK 6400 studio headphones for use at home doing my recording and use with my POD.

They are awesome, very clear and accurate, they arent quite as nice as the VXT or better ranges, but they are bloody good for the cost, they are about £250 for the pair new and I havent owned a better set of speakers.

I had a choice between these and the RCF version of the same thing. The RCFs had a slightly more prominent mid range to them, but otherwise were pretty much identical, I just preferred the layout and design of the KRKs. They have also helped me tweak the POD so it sounds how I want, not how my HiFi speakers made them sound, now I can get a better idea of the actual tones I am working on in the first place.

They have very little hiss when turned up very loud and they way they project is cool, its like you can split the bass from the treble in the air, very cool stuff.

The Alto is handy, its just a cheap little desk to allow me to balance my inputs when I play with my POD and Laptop which is handy, its well built and does the job.

No pictures of the headphones, but they are great fun, again, very precise and clear, you dont have anything that isnt meant to be there in the original mix.

The only issue with this little setup is just how many plugs I need to keep it all powered!

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I use a laptop for recording mate, so for actually proper recording I have a desk for that

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Spotted the cheeky little ht-1 in the bottom of the pic

Mic that little thing up! Its got some nice little sounds
How can one record clips of speakers

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Clips tomorrow if you really want...

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