I really need an answer on this before I end up completely and permanently ruining some people's recordings. Why is it that on Apple Logic, when I click and drag a piece of audio, it completely messes up takes/punch ins? Like it will move them to a different position hence completely ruining the track. I really need to find out why or I'm going to end up screwing myself and the bands that I'm recording!!
Ok, first of all calm down - not fully understanding your problem yet but as long as you have all the original takes (i.e haven't emptied the audio bin) you can always import the audio files to separate tracks and compile them yourself with crossfades etc.

Now then, are you referring to the takes within a comp track or do you simply have a lot of regions on a track and dragging one is affecting other takes/regions? If you want to move just one region, you need to just select that region - in other words, clicking on a track header (in the sidepanel or the mixer) will select the whole track, including all the regions in it. Click elsewhere in the arrange window and then select the region you want to alter. To add more regions hold Shift while clicking on the regions (clicking again/when already highlighted will deselect them) and if you have everything selected you can select just one region by Cmd-clicking it.

As for comp takes - you can't move the position of an individual take in a comp track without affecting the rest of the takes in the track unless you export those takes to separate tracks (done by clicking the triangle at the end of the comp region and choosing 'Unpack to new tracks' or something similar - I'm a Logic 8 user).

Without anymore info I can't really answer though because I'm having to guess what exactly you mean.
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