Made in Japan in 1990/91 Serial No.357629
It has Staggered vintage tuners, Jumbo frets, Slim neck, Lock down saddles, Roller nut.
The electrics - Volume,Tone, 5 way switch and 3 way toggle switch. With the 5 & the 3 gives 15 tonal positions. The 5 way has been upgraded
with a Schaller sw and wired so position 3 gives you bridge & neck pickups.
The Charvel pickups are stacked single coils which are a bit under powered. so I have upgraded the a bridge and neck pickups with
Hot Rails (B) Cools Rails (N) from Brandonni of Wembley.
There are few scratch/dinks on the back of the body.

This guitar was reviewed in Guitarist June 1991 where in the conclusion reviewer wrote "For the price, it takes some beating, and the standard of workmanship is excellent - a quality shared by most Charvels".

It comes with the case, which is pictured. It has been gigged and does have some cosmetic wear, but is well serviceable.

Some photo's of the Charvel - http://s465.photobucket.com/albums/rr14/JakArcher/Charvel%20ST%20Deluxe%20and%20Custom/

Looking for for around £400 + P&P.
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