I've been looking at a few fuzz pedals looking for that huge hairy sound but can't seem to find one that's just right :/ The closest I've seen is the zvex woolly mammoth but I want to know if there's any fuzzier, kinda like crackly speaker sound:P Something along the lines of this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhGu2CDqQqo
I hear the Zvex Fuzz Factory can get pretty fuzzy.
Yes, the Fuzz Probe. The DrNo-Effects' Kafuzz has some very thick and dark fuzz to it.
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Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz by Way Huge Electronics.

See my avatar pic. It's the most insane "Fuzz Pedal" out there.

Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz


Look, I own and love the Swollen Pickle, but "most insane fuzz pedal" it is not.
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If you want insane fuzz pedals check out the fuzz pedals from Devi-Ever. That
woman creates some absolutely wild pedals. Check out the shoe gazer.


That actually sounds pretty close to what I'm looking for Anybody got any other suggestions?
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I hear the Zvex Fuzz Factory c(Invalid img)an get pretty fuzzy.

uzz Factory can get pretty fuzzy
Run 2 Boss compressor pedals on 4.5V before and after an overdrive. haha...
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Also I'd prefer a fuzz pedal that can take chords really well,

Sex Bob-omb fuzz and chord clarity? Never gonna happen in the same pedal.
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Other than Devi, Vex, and DBA, you could look at the Mellowtone Wolf Computer

This is the only correct answer.