So ever since I was young I grew up listening to punk (mainly blink-182) and have been into the style of surf for as long as I can remember so can we make music by fusing the two together to make surf-punk

Personally I use a squier affinity strat and a marshall MG30CFX
I use the settings GAIN-8,BASS-4,MIDDLE-2,TREBLE-8 and lots of spring reverb

But the problem is I don't know how to make surf music like RHCP (back in the dani california day) so how would I go about writing surf music and making 2012 the second revival on surf
Surf and punk have already been combined. Have you ever heard of Agent Orange? The Dead Kennedys? Even the Ramones could be considered surf punk, they covered a few Beach Boys songs and stuff by some other 60s surf bands.

Edit: RHCP isn't even a surf band.
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When I think of surf punk I think Pennywise,Lagwagon,Bad Religion,Goldfinger,Strung Out. Ithas been done and its never gonna be back ( I remember them from the mid 90's Highschool yrs) Besides those bands are still touring and way better than Blink will ever be the only new band I have seen that catches that same mid 90's fat weck chords sound is Pour Habit (which are pretty rad)
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I can't really tell what you're trying to accomplish but I can definitely tell you it doesn't belong in the EG section.